Battle Under Grove

Battle Under Grove

Geoffrey Mendoza
by dyep and talatkarvinkar on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

ProjectBUG or Battle Under Grove is a project on MAGES Institute of Excellence with collaboration of game technology students to develop a 3D Isometric Real-Time Strategy on a Fantasy setting world

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Battle Under Grove Gameplay

Battle Under Grove


Battle Under Grove is a 3D isometric real time strategy video game. The game takes place in a fantasy insect world setting, it allows players to control his/her army of insects, each with different roles to complete the main objective in different given situations.

This project was made using Unity and developed by a group of students from MAGES Institute of Excellence (


Once upon a time in the insect world, an invading spider army threatens to destroy the way of life. Insects from all over the kingdom gathers and forms an uneasy alliance to fight off the invading force.

Game Features

•Each unit have automatic Level up System

•Command different units (Mantis, Ladybug, Rhino, Wasp, and Moth)

•Linear Story based

•Fixed building system

•Neutral Building - can capture other plots to create more buildings (Signal Tower)

Our Team

Leader - Geoffrey Luis Mendoza

Assistant Lead - Muhammad Arif bin Zailani


Ritchie Chan

Chung Sok Pin

Talat Tausif Sameer Karvinkar

Level Design

Prototype and Designs

Production Shots

The development of this game was around 2 months

Download setup below


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