Ramon Schauer - Portfolio

Ramon Schauer - Portfolio

Ramon Schauer
by ramonschauer on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am a 3D generalist currently studying "Technical Directing" at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. My main focus is on character art (and also sometimes rigging) and especially photorealistic humans. However I do enjoy other tasks as well which is why you will find a wide range of finished and current projects.

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NEOSHIN is my diploma project at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. It is a full CG cyberpunk music video for which I am building a digital double. I was responsible of all steps of the character - from supervision of the FACS scanning, modeling, texturing, shading and rigging to mocap and face capture supervision and processing. Still Work in Progress, so only still images right now unfortunately.

We captured a lot of reference material with our model, which we frequently used for checks such as below where left side of the face is reference and right side is CG. The version here is still an older one, many fixes and changes have happened since.

This is a personal project, an anatomy study of a lion. All modeled from scratch, mostly started from a sphere in zbrush. Modeling is finished, but texturing, shading and rigging is still in progress.

Those are screenshots of a character I did for a realtime rendered short. Character is including a FACS based face rig and realtime wrinkle map blending in Unreal Engine 4. All aspects done by me.

Hardsurface modeling practice of a TIE fighter from Star Wars.

A personal project, trying to model and create a photorealistic, film quality asset. Rendered in realtime using Marmoset Toolbag.

"A Fished Up Life" is a 1 minute long advertising short realized at Filmakademie Baden-Würrtemberg which includes a talking CG fish. I was Technical Director of the project and responsible for photogrammetry, second pass and details sculpting, rigging, shading and lighting. Full movie can be seen in a seperate entry.

A personal character study of a kind of cyborg woman. Sculpted from a sphere without the use of scans. Face is finished, but hair is still in progress.

Another, quick personal project. Sculpted from a sphere in 1-2 evenings and took another couple of evenings to texture and put him into Unreal Engine.

Stylized, overweight super heroes I sculpted for a series of animated shorts at university.

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