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A Fished Up Life

A Fished Up Life

Ramon Schauer
by Boris Katrev, Christopher Schmier, Damaris Zielke, Fynn Große-Bley, Hanna Seidel, Harald Dieterichs , Jiayan Chen, Lucas Bruchhage, Paul Golter, Sara Shabani Hesari , Sebastian Selg , Tom Tolle , Verena Nomura, niklaswolff, and ramonschauer on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

"A Fished Up Life" is a spec spot for the app "Codecheck" and was created as a student project at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. It features a talking full CG fish, which was integrated into the previously shot footage. VFX was an integral part of the project from the beginning on.

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A Fished Up Life

VFX Team:

Director: Hanna Seidel

Animation-­/ VFX-Producing : Jiayan Chen

VFX Supervision: Lucas Bruchhage

On Set VFX Supervision: Mario Bertsch, Kai Götz

Technical Directing: Ramon Schauer

Photogrammetry: Ramon Schauer

Match Moving: Boris Katrev, Tom Tolle

Modeling: Fynn Große-Bley, Ramon Schauer

Texturing/Shading: Verena Nomura

Lighting/Rendering: Ramon Schauer

Lead of Compositing: Niklas Wolff

Lead of Animation: Harald Dieterichs

Animation Artist: Damaris Zielke, Christopher Schmier, Sara Shabani Hesari

Roto/Keying Artist: Kader Bagli, Johanna Herrmann

Compositing Artist: Paul Golter, Boris Katrev

Colorist: Sebastian Selg

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