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My projects in 2020

My projects in 2020

by leovaras on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This are some of my favorite characters from this year. I am responsible for every aspect of them, from concepting to final renders. I had a blast designing them and seeing them come to life in 3D.

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My original idea for Kyoko was to make a Japanese inspired character that could go from looking very attractive and charming to downright demonic, without adding or changing any major parts of the design. Those goals were mainly accomplished by the mask and the blades, as well as the character's pose changing from relaxed to intimidating.

"Skathi, The Winter Guide"

When making Skathi, I had two principles in mind: 1. Everything on her outfit needs to look as non-manufactured as possible, and 2. Everything about her design needs to suggest benevolence and a nature-inspired magic. This was easily accomplished by using round shapes and no hard angles, as well as (mostly) materials you would find in the wild such as wood, stones, thick vines etc. Also downright using a tree as the staff helped a lot. I decided to add the moon as her symbol to give her hints of celestial ties.

"Stylized Knight"

Stylized Knight was very challenging in terms of wanting to design a fantasy armor that was not over the top yet looked sleek and functional, and obviously cool. I took time to study how armors were designed in the medieval times and tried to push stylization on areas that would make sense. I was also very careful about the shape language I used, too spiky and it began to look too ornamental, too round and it no longer looked sleek.

"Coleoptera Pugnator"

The idea for this character was "what if I made a really cool alien murder beetle?". After that initial thought I began to consider the main features of a beetle: 6 limbs, antennae, articulated mouth parts, wings and elytra and an abdomen where the wings rested. After those features where in the design i began working on the shapes, focusing mostly on an organic and flowing design.

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