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Fantasy Environment Portfolio

Fantasy Environment Portfolio

Tom Cryer
by tomcryer on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A portfolio of Unreal Engine Environments i've created during my time at university. Includes both unit and personal projects. Environments: Throne of the dead, Forest Fountain, Rune dagger room and Adventurers Tavern.

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This was a small environment study made for a one of my units during university. Inspired by a mixture of Witcher and Warcraft aesthetic.

This piece focuses on ground detail which is an area I had not looked into much before. The blending of textures and use of the foliage tool in Unreal really helped create the scene I wanted. All of the assets where made by myself along with the textures, using Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter. The trees where made within Speedtree which really helped in achieving the spooky atmosphere. Especially when combined with the Unreal Engine fog to create those sharp silhouettesThoroughly enjoyed creating this small piece and hope to continue developing my environment and unreal skills.

Another small environment study.

This was my first time using Speedtree which really brings the enviroment to life. The over hanging branches, desinty of leaves and adding foliage like the bushes created that enclosed feeling.  Models were made by myself using Maya and Zbrush to sculpt details. Textures  and baking were done within substance painter except for the water shader which I found on the Unreal Market. This was also the first time using the particle system within Unreal Engine. Although I only scratched the surface of the particle system, the small addition really sells that magical fantasy feel to the pool. Another first during this project was  creating grass using just planes and textures using tansparency, and I can't wait to improve upon it.

This project was a big stepup and helped me improve my texturing and Unreal set up skills, as well as introduced me to the particle system in Unreal. 

This project was made for the same university unit as the first one shown. Again largely inspired by the envrionments in Warcraft.

Here I wanted to focus more on a stylised look for my models as it shows a nice contrast between this and the graveyard scene. Still very new to stylised texturing, but my tradional painting knowledge came in handy when creating edge hightlights and weathering. This also gave me a chance to learn how emmisive light works within Unreal, which helped in creating the warmth coming from certain areas of my models. All assets made using Maya and the Zbrush for wethering. Textures created using Substance Painter and then set up within Unreal Engine 4.

Lastly, this is one of the first environments I made within Unreal Engine 4.

This was a personal project of mine during my second year of university. During this I  project taught myself a lot about the pipeline, texturing with substance painter and unreal set up. All areas which have allowed me to progress and move forward with my skills. I wanted a warm, cosy, inviting atmosphere to this scene and so lighting was important. This was the first time I tackeled lighting within Unreal and because of this there is loads of room for improvement.

I would love to go back and improve this project in the future, but was still a massive jump up from previous work of mine.

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