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From Environments To Games

From Environments To Games

Bert Wouters
by krypto on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello to whoever reads this. I'm a technical-environment artist. I love creating a nice game environment, but I enjoy creating tools, which can create and assist us in creating environments, as much! I hope you enjoy my Entry for the Rookies and I look forward to your comments.

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Medieval Village

The goal was to make a realistic medieval village with a view of 180°. While working on it, it became 360° because running around in a scene is more fun that staying static!

Here you can find the main screenshots of the scene!

Some extra environment shots

The stairs

Always being intrigued by Japan and their shrines, gave me the idea to make this little scene.

It's not much, but finding a nice angle to take the render was a lot of fun. It's amazing to work with these god rays and trying to find an angle where the rays are coming through but not completely overtake the shot.

Some extra screenshots of the scene.

Game ready Weapon - Barrett  M82

Some extra beauty shots

The Gamebox!

It's a suitcase, it's a Gameboy... what else do you need except for big batteries?


This project isn't as visually stunning as I could've made it, but the reason why I find it interesting to place it here is due to the fact that everything has been made from scratch. The level layout, Rfx, blueprints, ...

This is what really drives me, the option to be able to create any game that you can think of without the help of anyone else. Of course, working in a team is something I'll always prefer over working alone, but the ability to be able to do it all, is just nice and makes me want to create more.

The Floating Isle!

Imagine waking up and your home turned into a floating isle in space... God speed my little rock...

Don Maurice

He's an orc... He's a cyborg AND he's a mafia boss!

This is a character I made in the style of Disney Infinity!

Here are some extra shots and the development of the character.

The character design I made before starting on the sculpt

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