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Generalist  - Model/Texture/Rig/Anim/FX

Generalist - Model/Texture/Rig/Anim/FX

by deepakrajan on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm a self-taught artist, these are all of my student projects and responsible for all aspects of the projects from modeling to compositing.

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Responsible for everything from modeling to compositing.

The Cassowary

I did this project to understand the complexity of the visual effects pipeline, from modeling to rigging to compositing.

The rigging was done using python to automate repeated process, and to easily fix the broken rig since it contains a lot of small rig to help support the Ziva for the muscle simulation.

Texturing was done using node-based workflow, to clearly see the input and output channel.


Responsible for all aspects.

Used Houdini Grooming tools, and sculpted the blendshapes in ZBrush and rendered using RENDERMAN.


Responsible for all aspects.

Modeling was done in Maya and ZBrush, rendered using RENDERMAN.


Responsible for all aspects.

This is my first project to integrate Ziva Dynamics and Houdini Fx

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