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Coven Mansion

Coven Mansion

Edoardo Tiziani
by edoardotiziani on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Game-ready environment project. I worked solo on this project. Creating this from scratch was a big challenge but I learnt a lot of things and I improved the overall workflow. For this environment I took inspiration from Resident Evil's mansion hall and disturbing atmosphere from The Evil Within.

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Here are some shots in which I wanted to point up the story of the environment. An old victorian coven mansion that is still used to perform the coven's rites.

Below the video presentation of "Coven Mansion". You'll find also a playtest for show the FPS count.

Now a quick demo of the blueprint I created for placing randomly all the books in the library and on the table.

Below some materials and assets I created for the whole scene

The reference I used for the carpet. The roughness was created on the final asset.

Carpet, Fireplace and Marble Graph

External resources:

For the fireplace I used Jeonguk Choi's flames 

For outside trees I used SilverTm package

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