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Alley Marketplace

Alley Marketplace

by andrewbutler on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Star Wars is the reason I got into the 3D Industry to begin with, so it is only natural I did a inspired environment. I took a unused concept art from ILM and tried to recreate it while also adding more details inspired by Star Wars Land. I am really glad with how this came out!

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An Unused Concept from Star Wars EP7 by ILM was the main concept of the piece

Above is my final nuke script. Utilizing many tools in nuke, I was able to dial in exactly what I wanted to match the concept. Mainly polishing lighting and atmosphere, along with post FX and glows in the self illuminated objects.

I recommend keeping your nuke script clean and organized. It benefits you and make it easier to understand in the long run.

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