Order 66

Order 66

by andrewbutler on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here’s my recreation/interpertation of the Order 66 scene from the episode “Shattered” With the last episode of the series finally out, we wanted to pay a little tribute with this project. Texture Painting and Ahsoka Model by: Dayana Torosyan Environment Modeling, Lighting, Armor Modeling and Compositing by: Me

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Screengrab of the episode which was the main inspiration and overall concept of the piece.

Captain Rex

Staying true to the style of the show through the model and textures were our main goal. Shading however became more realistic as we were chasing a stylized realistic tone for the overall piece. 

332nd Clone Trooper

This one was tricky to texture due to lack of reference at the time. We made this when the first episode debuting them officially released, and there were only a handful select shots of upclose details. We did many iterations as time went on to make it as screen accurate as possible. 

Ahsoka Tano

We kept true to the style of the character but also tried to give her more of a realistic look. Utilizing Vrays SSS material, this made that possible to achieve.

Initial lookdev shots

Above is my final nuke script. Utilizing many tools in nuke, I was able to dial in exactly what I wanted to match the concept. Mainly polishing lighting and atmosphere, along with post FX and glows in the self illuminated objects. 

I recommend keeping your nuke script clean and organized. It benefits you and make it easier to understand in the long run.

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