The world of Kaélis

The world of Kaélis

by kaldrin on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Since long I dream of specific imaginary scenes, beautiful magic things that appear in my mind, places and precise atmospheres, that make me happy. This world, this city, Kaélis, is this world I've been to multiple times, that I try to design, for me and people to explore and dream in it.

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This is a world with a different story, different humanity, but the same elements. A more peaceful, beautiful world, more magic and warm, but with its interesting history, and its unique artistic direction, architecure, people, society. My skill isn't ready yet for the vibes and environments I want to transcribe.

This is me, this is all I want to transmit, messages, society, people, structures, places, characters, magic, dreams. And I ultimately want to make a game and a manga out of it.

Iroki Irida

This illustration is both an autoportrait in an anime style and one of the characters we'll follow in this world I'm creating. I really like this design, I made a lots of researches, style influences, trying to mix both fantasy-ish, traditional and modern cool look, to create this outfit that is inspired of one of those I personally wear.

He's a dreamer who likes to parkour (Like me :x)


In this one I tried to represent the type of scene I dreamt of, with these two characters that were in my mind for years, Iroki and Kalisia. This beauty, peace, wonder, artistic direction, atmosphere, place, world, is what I seek.

The preparation works and sketches were made through years, as idea and motivation came and went, I made drawings there and there for this world, that I then used to design this piece and many more.

The sketch (The one you can see in the process view) is actually old of 2 years before I made the illustration, and back at the time I tried to give it a shot, but without much success.

The old church near the river

Another type of scene I really like, the young dreamer in the old mysterious place aside from the traditional sidewalk near the cute town.

It was made rather quickly though, still pretty sketchy and light and stuff aren't than great, but I like it.
Same preparation work than the previous one.

Kalisia Elidas

Odalis street

I saw this scene in one of my dreams one day, it was this city, Kaélis, this ambiance, this particular place, I had entered it once again, so I tried to make a picture of it. It's a street of the older district of Kaélis.

Not as good as in my dream of course, it wasn't easy to make, and the perspective, lighting and detail could use more work, but I had a solid mood depicted here.

I still made some research works for this one.

First page

Testing out the style I want to give the manga I'll try to make of this universe. This took very very long.

The enchanted garden

Another scene I saw in my dreams, with a special mood and artistic direction, designs, that I wanted to paint. It feels so special. It's some sort of park in the city of Kaélis, I guess.

I used references from places I visited in real life, especially for the walls and the pavement, these ones are very particular textures and styles that I do like. I even made an animated version.

The vegetation could be ways better, I wasn't that skilled at the time.

Milin Elidas

This is a character from the world of Kaélis, but taking part in a story set more in ancient ruins. I wanted to give her a royal stature, with both cute and malicious look while having a realistic / credible design /rendering for who she is.

I'm really happy with the result even though it's not her final design.

The old iron colossus

This was a concept still set in the universe of Kaélis, of a ancient giant gothic-like styled and water powered automaton guarding the entrance to the castle. I really like its design, it will be improved, this one is too sketchy, but that's an amazing creature and an amazing setting, an ancient iron guardian, not moving anymore, who knows when it wakes up?

I want to design it further for in its system it to be realistically at least somewhat credible.

Other Kaélis scenes and researches...

This goddess design research is heavily inspired by Yukihomu's work

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