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ZhangXiaoyue 2019 reelshow

ZhangXiaoyue 2019 reelshow

by zhangxiaoyue on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am a student at the Gnomon school of visual effects. These pieces are my first-year reel show in the awesome school. Enjoy!!!

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Jacquesphoenix portrait

This portrait I did for texture and shading 3 class, the mean goal is to get used to Mari workflow and develop some realistic portrait skills. 

Project SCIFI factory

This is the texture shading 02 and hard surface01  final taught by Christophe Desse and David Mooy. I started with my own mech concept and developed the idea to a whole space.

Project infiltrate

This project I did for the lighting and rendering class taught by  Oded Raz, modeling in Louie Tucci's  Zbrush class. Concept base on COD. Special thanks to my friends Jared and Taron's help.

STG44 and M24

The piece I did for props and weapons class taught by Chris Stone. 

Project Sic_fi tunnel

This is the final project for the MAYA class. Origin concept from titanfall2 by Danny Gardner 

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