Mia Incantalupo

Mia Incantalupo

Mia Incantalupo
by mialupo on 26 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Rookie Awards Entry. Student at School of Visual Arts, Animation 2023

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Haagen Dash is a short film I made with Mayu "Ivy" Furutani and Brigid Slevin. I provided storyboards, 1/3 of the animation specializing in the hare's character action, the 'hare' character design, all 3D elements, and several backgrounds. Ivy designed the 'tortoise' character and was our leader for color scripts and backgrounds. Brigid focused on special effects and prop design. The credits show which person animated each scene.

In addition to Haagen Dash, I have done character designs, animations, and background designs on my own

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