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Vincent Hebrard
by vincenthebrard on 26 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

CG portrait that I've done for my character Pavel.

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Hello everyone, I am really happy to share my very first realistic character. It took me around 150hrs in my free time throughout the last 6 months. This project taught me a lot of things, as I had to learn new softwares and techniques to complete the project. 

Quick words on the character. Pavel is the former leader of a Russian gang, he has now joined a global organization called "Rose". He wears the tattoo of the organization's logo on his right cheek.

Pavel is a former gangster so I decided to give him a more serious look. I aged his tattoos, gave him some scars and went for a dramatic lighting in order to convey his threatening aura.

Below are some breakdowns. 

                                  Coat Direct / Specular / SSS / Arnold render / Final Image

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