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Character/CFX Creations

Character/CFX Creations

Emily Bisset
by ebisset on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This submission is to showcase my character modelling/sculpting skills as well as my CFX knowledge. I have only had a few chances to create some character FX during university and now I have a basic knowledge of it, I would really love to create more! I chose these projects to show as they are quite different in style!

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I've chosen to show these pieces as it shows a mix of stylised and more 'realistic' work. They both include CFX created through different methods. I've learnt a lot during both processes and would love to work more on expanding my CFX skills after learning the basics in my final year at university.

I really enjoyed creating the grooms and will hopefully be attempting some more complex grooms now that I have time during the summer. During my final term, I used Houdini for CFX for the first time and so I would love to build my skills in this program as I really enjoyed the procedural workflow. I would also like to learn Marvelous Designer in my free time too.

'Garry' Goblin - CFX/Rigging Project

Garry was created as part of my Advanced Creature FX and Rigging unit during my final year. Though it was not in the brief to design your own character I wanted to create my own as I have a passion for sculpting/texturing characters so I thought this was a good opportunity to showcase those skills as well.

Hair, cloth and ear 'jiggle' sim done in Houdini then imported back into Maya for rendering. It was my first time using Houdini so there's a lot I know now that I could improve but I really enjoyed using it and hope to use it again in future!

Stylised Character Bust Sculpt and Groom

This was a personal project I created during my final year at university. Though I enjoyed sculpting and designing this character, I wanted to focus on making a simple yet tidy groom. I used XGen in Maya for this piece as I had used it before but wanted to have a chance to fiddle and experiment with it more in my own time - I learnt so much from doing this!

I really like this character style, I haven't had much of a chance to produce any more work like this since I've been focussed on university work however I plan to create more like this in future!

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