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Creature Concepts Portfolio

Creature Concepts Portfolio

Cheyenne Maher
by cheyennemaher on 26 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi I'm Cheyenne! I'm a third year student studying at Flinders University / CDW Studios. I've been drawing creatures and monsters ever since I was little and I wanted to show you some of the creature designs I've been working on recently. Have a scroll and check them out :)

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This cute little forest creature was inspired by films such as Spiderwick Chronicles and The Dark Crystal, both of which I loved as a kid. For this project I wanted to focus on combining a 2D and 3D workflow. My process was to start with 2D silhouettes and sketches, then sculpt in zbrush and do the final paint over in photoshop. 


This tiny creature is apart of a larger fairy colony and her role is a harvester/gatherer. I set myself this brief to try and refine my 2D painting process and ultimately create a hero shot, a turnaround and some callouts. 


This child-eating monstrosity was inspired by The Seamstress monster design in the 2009 film '9', which has haunted my own nightmares since childhood. The brief we were given in my character design class was to create a main monster for a film similar to Stranger Things. My main focus this time was on shape language and mood lighting to make this monster especially terrifying. 

I then tried to use shape language to make a baby version as cute as possible...

That's all! Have a nice day :)

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