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Stylized 3D Art - Silke Van Der Smissen

Stylized 3D Art - Silke Van Der Smissen

by FVDS on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm a first year Game Graphics Production student at DAE Howest. I have a passion for 3D and stylized art in general. I'm just starting out, these are all works I made during this year. I'm looking forward to improving, learning new skills and keep updating my work. Always open for feedback and tips!

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For my game art course at DAE howest we had to pick an airplane dating from WW1 design/stylize it, then model and unwrap and finally create a handpainted texture for it.

This was a small personal project to get familiar with ZBrush. I based myself on a concept by Georgi Georgiev, and tried to sculpt a character from head to toe for the first time. Then afterwards I used polypaint. I'm really looking forward to experimenting more and getting to know ZBrush a lot better!

Another assignment for my Game Art course was to create a weapon that would fit in the World Of Warcraft - universe.
I used the upcoming expansion trailer as an inspiration: As Sylvanas Windrunner destroys the Helm of Domination piercing the veil between Azeroth and and the Shadowlands, she uses its remnants to forge a new weapon: The Axe of Domination, empowered by the heart of Bolvar Fordragon
Again we first had to design it, then model, and finally create a handpainted texture. 

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