Hindenburg - The last airship

Hindenburg - The last airship

Jorik Weymans
by axem54, illuminates, jasper, and yano on 26 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hindenburg is a Co-op game. The Hindenburg is on a journey, you as a pirate on the ship needs to protect its precious cargo. Can you work together with your team and save the ship?

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Hindenburg - The last airship

Hindenburg is a Co-Op game set on an airship. The ship is transporting some highly valuable items, you as a pirate need to make sure it reaches his destination. You are not alone on this journey, you are accompanied by your friends. If you work together you will succeed. The better you work together, the higher your score gets.

Gameplay features

- Pirate: The player controls a pirate, this pirate can interact with the ship and things happening on the ship, the game has 2 to 4 pirates on the ship. These pirates are no different from each other, the likeliness of their success is 100% based on the player's skill.

- Disasters: It is not a safe journey for the ship, several things can happen to the ship, the players need to deal with this. If those disasters are not dealt with, the ship is not going to reach the end and the team loses.

Our vision

We wanted to create a game where you had to play with friends on the same screen. You can go two ways with this. You can make a game where you play against each other or a game where you play with each other. The former is something that gives a sense of superiority when you win, because you have defeated everybody else. The latter gives a sense of community. We went for a team-oriented game because there are already a lot of games where you play against each other (Mario kart, Smash, Stick fight, etc.)

We also wanted to strike a balance between micro and macro play. That is why there is no difference between the characters, but your individual skill decides how well you do. If you do not communicate with your team the chance of winning is slim. You need to divide tasks to win the game. This coupled with a game that takes about 2 minutes to complete makes it a fast paced experience where you can improve quickly.

Hindenburg's development

After a big brainstorming session we came up with the concept for Hindenburg. After we wrote this idea out we did not change if very much, a lot of disasters were changed because the scope was too big (At first we wanted to have an enemy pirate ship attacks ours, but this became clear that it was to much work for the time we had) but the core concept never changed.

The pirate

The pirate is our main character, this character is used by all the players but every player has a different suit to distinguishes himself from the others

The ship

The ship went through a few transformations before we got the end model and texture we have now. The ship takes up a large space of the screen so it needs to look its part, but it also important for the player movement. Height difference, width, and length are all parts that needed to be considered before we could call our model final.

The disasters

We have 3 disasters in the game: Birdstrike, engine and boulder. These disasters have in common that they prevent the ship from reaching its destination when they are not dealt with. All these disasters have different ways how you can solve them, some even have more dependent on what state they are in.

The team

We had a team of 4 DAE students on this project. 2 artists and 2 programmers.  

Jasper's LinkdIn
Yano's LinkdIn

The music was made by 
Aron Heremans, check out his soundcloud here.

More information

The game can be downloaded on itch.io
The itch page does not only include the download link but it also contains the control scheme, the devlog's from the past months and possible updates.
Be sure to check the page out if you want to know more about this game.

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