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My more recent favorites

My more recent favorites

Bryan van der Linden
by bryvdlinden on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi everyone! I am currently a first year Game Graphics Production student at Digital Arts and Entertainment in Belgium, and decided to use some of the works I made this year and before entering DAE, to enter the Rookies for the first time! I hope you'll enjoy the work!

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The legend of Nyghtskye and the Ravine of Mystery

This is based on a small private project that I tinker on during my free time, the story will be expanded upon as I create more pieces and give the world and story more shape.

I also use this project to try new things, and practice several aspects of concepting and worldbuilding.

Environment works

For this next painting, I started with exploring different compositions, all containing certain elements, the main ones being a tower, some form of water, trees and rocks. I then proceeded to refine my favorite composition, and did some lightstudies with this. This then lead me to make some color/moodstudies and finally lead me to my final result.

For this particular environment,  picked a specific area (in my case, the Mediterranean), and designed a small town square area , I went with a rocky,hilly fishing village theme to get some nice height variety into my scene and studied the architecture of some more specific areas within the Mediterranean.

The final linework and sketches were all done on paper, and the final image was given some basic values in photoshop.

Desert traveler's ship

The design brief for this vehicle was that it had to house 1 person, be usable in a desert environment, hover by non magical means, and the final illustration should be drawn on paper and shaded digitally.

I wanted to go for a more unconventional idea, so I decided to use boats as a main inspiration, which lead me to experiment with different propulsion methods such as sails, the use of fins to steer and different kinds of vehicles, as I was free to decide on the use of my vehicle.

I eventually settled on the idea of a relic hunting traveler, who would dig at sites in the sandsea to find relics of a long forgotten (our world got turned into a large desert) civilization , This lead me to make certain decisions in the final design. Since the traveler made their money off of selling relics, the vehicle would need a storage space somewhere, which is why I experimented with the use of bags, trunks, and other storage compartments in and on the vehicle.

Furthermore, the vehicle would need to be able to assist him in his work, so I added extra's like ropes and towing winches that they could use to drag things out of the sand.

Since civilization wasn't what it used to be, it made sense to me to make the vehicle feel as if it was built of of various parts that perhaps the traveller had found of bolted onto their ship over time.

Miscellaneous works and photostudies

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