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My personal favorite works and projects

My personal favorite works and projects

Nioma van der Steen
by fromthestone on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm a first year student at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment who likes to make 2D and 3D art, and it's my dream to become a character artist or 2D/3D generalist. Here is a small collection of the works I've made over the years that I'm most proud of!

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This was a project at my previous school, inspired by the legend of the Hindu Goddess Durga and other Balinese mythology. I made this project together with some other students after a visit to an exposition about Balinese culture, and was in charge of the characters. 

First I drew some concepts of the designs of the characters, to get a bit of an idea of the style I wanted to go for.  I looked at some examples of depictions of the goddess, the demon Mahishasura and other hindu artworks as inspiration, and created my own interpretations of these characters. 

Afterwards I started modeling Durga and the demons. The models were made and textured in blender and Photoshop, and rigged in Maya.

For presentation purposes I made some additional renders in Marmoset and Sketchfab! 

Not 3D art, but for my first test animation in Live2D, I made a painting in photoshop of my OC (in Fallout) and exported it to the program. There I rigged it and was able to animate this moving portrait. 

(the outfit that she's wearing is from fallout 4, but the character is mine)

As a self study, back in 2017 I sculpted and modelled a horse and character for a little personal project of mine!

Some of my more recent school work at Howest Digital arts and Entertainment! These were for my game art, low poly, and high poly classes.

And a sculpt made as a practise for myself for studying skin/scales and more realistic humans at the same time!

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