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Adam Laval - Concept Art Showcase

Adam Laval - Concept Art Showcase

Adam Laval
by adamrl on 26 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of 4 personal/ university concept art projects that I have worked on over the past year (1 creature project and 3 shorter environment/prop projects).

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Speculative Evolution Creature Project

This creature project is a speculative look into the future and the kinds of adaptations that current animal species may evolve given certain changes in their environment. These 3 fictional species are intended to live in the same location/ environment (future Japan) where many of the lowland areas and rivers have become flooded wetlands due to the effects of climate change.  

Colossal Striding Salamander

Bear Shrew

Iris Hawk-Moth

Creature Colour/ Species Variation (Salamander, Shrew, Moth)

Animal Study Pages

Species-specific study pages (Salamander, Shrew, Moth)

General creature body-plan study pages (Salamander, Shrew, Moth) 

Creature Design Iterations (Salamander, Shrew, Moth)

Crash-Site Environment Concept

This project was my attempt at branching out into more stylised concept art, with an emphasis on shape-language and colour.

Final environment concept from UE4 scene block-out

UE4 block-out screenshots and rough colour passes

Environment sketch pages from thumbnails (idea generation).

Thumbnails (idea generation).

Skeleton Cage Prop Concept

This short (2 week) university project was my attempt at designing a prop/ asset that would fit into a dark fantasy setting.

Final Concept Painting from Unreal Engine 4 scene blockout.

Model Sheet and Low-Poly 3D model (used in block-out)

Initial silhouettes and design iterations.

Merlin's Cave Environment Concept

I wanted to improve my landscape/ environment painting skills so I used this personal project as an opportunity to work on lighting/ composition.

Final environment painting

Composition/ lighting  thumbnails

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