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Atlas Tan Lin Yong
by atlastan1805 on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The topicality lighting design spawned in the context of coronavirus global pandemic.

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19°C  is multifunctional lighting which including the function of illumination, air purifier function, senses room temperature, task lighting, and UV light. The idea of this topicality product is inspired by the coronavirus global pandemic which is Covid-19. 

At this every moment, Covid-19 has been a worrying case since the last time a global pandemic occurred was in 2009 with swine flu, which experts think killed hundreds of thousands of people. Therefore, these multifunctional lighting series aim for increase awareness to prevent coronavirus during this critical period.

The lighting series consists of a table lamp, pendant light, and a wall lamp. The concept is based on coronavirus outlook by taking its spike as a feature and air purifier system to wipe away the surrounding bacteria. 19°C caters for everyone. 

19°C derives from COVID-19 which is coronavirus and Celsius which is the function of room temperature. Introducing 19°C with air purifier function, senses room temperature, task lighting and UV light to let the plant grow in a better condition. The plant in the pod provides a better indoor air condition as well. 

The 19°C series table lamp can be converted to illumination mode and UV light mode according to the need.UV is useful for other purposes too, including disinfection and sterilization by killing bacteria and viruses. This happens because the high-energy rays can destroy DNA, so it’s actually linked to a negative effect of UV, this also means that bacteria and viruses can’t reproduce or multiply. 

The figure above and below shows the 19°C  pendant light series and wall lamp series in the mode of UV light.

The figure below shows the 19°C series wall lamp in the mode of  illumination.

Lastly, the figure below shows the construction drawing of 19°C table lamp series.

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