The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

by stephzijun on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

In the midst of the youth suicide crisis, this projects aims to become a common ground for youths in the Klang Valley to conect with one another, with the ultimate goal of forming bonds that can positively impact the depressed youth.

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The site is located at Union Suites Sales Gallery, PT363, Jalan PJS 9/1, Bandar Sunway, on a quieter side of town where the site is mostly surrounded by residential areas and vegetation. 

The concept is derived from the "jumbled" thoughts of the users. Instead of adding to the complexity, the concept is organised, friendly and not intimidating. The geometric shapes are also overlapped to symbolise the connection of people. The spaces are close-knit and interconnected by function, promoting a warm feeling of connection just by being in the space. 

People are inclined to have fun when given the chance, therefore the space is proposed to be playful and lively, with structures that encourage play and interaction between the users. Instead of an institutional intervention-styled approach, The Sanctuary intends to provide a space for forming relationships between users naturally by connecting people through hobbies, interests, and play. 

A cafe kiosk is placed in the middle of the space, connecting the picnic, play, and community spaces. 

The zen garden doubles as a community space. Pivot doors as well as a platform built slightly lower than ground level that can be triggered to temporarily cover the koi pond are used to add flexibility to the space, which allows for more space and ease of customizing the furniture layout to be used for different activities. 

At the other end of the hub, a sound-proofed music room is available for users to rent. Given the location of the music room that overlooks other areas of the hub, mini concerts can also be held where users are able to lounge around different areas of the hub and still enjoy the music. 

A play area is proposed for the area to encourage the users to have fun exploring the space. It is split into 3 main areas: a ball pit area accessed by a slide, a trampoline slope, and suspended lounge area. 

A dark room (film photography development room) is also proposed, located under the staircase which was previously a dead space. As film photography is becoming popular again in mainstream culture, having such a room can also encourage the users to pick up a new hobby or make friends that share their hobby. 

On the first floor there is a suspended lounge area, co-working space and gaming area. These areas aim to promote interaction between the users, whether it be joining a conversation, a game, or providing a space for users to work on their group projects. 

A mini theatre is also located on the top floor, for BeFrienders to use as a space to hold talks or sharing sessions. 

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