Particles Fume and (Under)Water

Particles Fume and (Under)Water

Anca Badut
by ancabadut on 7 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

The Particles and Smoke simulations present the way I used these elements to advect one another in order to create guided FX simulations. Bifrost Used for Water tests.

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Here, particles are advected by smoke. Images used as background + column in the foreground are photos that I took. Simulations were done in Maya and Composition was done in After Effects.

Here, particle movement was guided along a pipe. Smoke is advected by the particles and inherits the forces applied on them.

This is an artificial reef design. It's one of my most complex projects so far especially because it included a lot of research related to underwater life and the effects of seismic waves underwater. After creating this project I have tested its applicability in the real life with Reed Design Lab in Australia. For the final proposal, materials were taken into consideration too. Still, it never got fabricated. Thanks to this project I started gaining some knowledge in Python / PyMEL for Maya too. The script seen in the screen shots did not entirely work the way I wanted it to, but I'm eager to learn more on the domain. Scripting is an important part of my life, as I am also a user of CityEngine, Houdini and Grasshopper.

The 3D geometry presented here was sculpted using the sculpted tools in Maya. Scattering was done using MASH or Python Script (some elements are placed manually).

I am pretty new to Bifrost (Maya's FLIP Solver), but I surely find it amazing. So here are some of my studies.

Houdini Tests on Particles and Growth

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