Elizaveta Makhova - Environment and Character art

Elizaveta Makhova - Environment and Character art

Elizaveta Makhova
by caprifoil on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hallo, I'm a russian Child from Nepal studying game art in the Netherlands. I 've been meddling in digital art for about 3 years. This entry contains most of my recent projects.

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Concept art  for my first game project

We set on an idea of dried out sea with corrupted ghost-like fish, i made some concepts for the environment and effects.

corruption effect concept

I wasn't sure how much attention should be given to the background and the sky, so I  also iterated on that

Personal projects - environment art

I usually base the environment the pictures i made back home, because university life makes me homesick haha. Lately i also started doing more studies, because i feel like my environment skills are lacking. 

Personal Projects - Character Art

Personal Projects - Story Telling

inspired by a music video by Short Paris

I enjoy digital art, but I plan to focus on Technical art, examples of which you can find in my main entry ;)

Thank you for your time!

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