Innisfree Exhibition

Innisfree Exhibition

by deboraj on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

An exhibition created to help the brand get more exposure and promote their products and the campaign that they are having.

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Project Brief:

This project requires an exhibition booth to be designed inside a shopping mall area. By designing the small exhibition, it will help the brand to get more exposure and promote their products as well as the campaign that they are having. The objective of this project is to introduce the brand to the visitors and promote their products as well as the campaign that they have.

Target Market:

Female (age 20-35), Male (age 22-35), General Public



Innisfree is a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand. It was founded in 2000 by Amore Pacific. The brand sells cosmetics and skill care products that target female at the age of 20-30 primarily and their second target market is male around the same age.


SS15 Courtyard

Jalan SS15/4g, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The site is located inside a mall that is located nearby residential area. It has a rather easy access since parkings lots are available and there is a LRT station nearby. The exhibition booth will be located on the ground floor, nearby the main entrance. This location made it easy for visitors to see the booth and come to visit.


Jeju Island

Innisfree uses ingredients from Jeju Island in some of their products. This then inspired the concept chosen for the design. Jeju Island is an island in South Korea that is formed by many components, such as water, stone, soil, and others. These elements then combined to form the exhibition booth. Since the island is made to nature, to represent it, curvy and wavy lines and forms are applied.



Elevation and Section

                                                                       Facade Elevation

                                                                              Section X-X

                                                                              Section Y-Y



The facade of this exhibition booth consists of two glass walls that are filled with Jeju Island elements and Innisfree logo in the middle of the facade. Since it is glass and the structure does not covered the whole facade, people can see a glimpse of what is going on in the inside.

                                                                 Display and Photo Booth

After entering the booth, there is a photo booth on the left side. It is a rather small photo booth that also has opening to go out from the exhibition booth. Then, there is the display after the photo booth. It is designed to be in tube form and has different height and size. The flooring is raised and it was inspired by the contour of the land.

                                                                       Multi-Purpose Area

In the middle of the exhibition area, there is a structure formed to be a multi-purpose area. Here, visitors can do brief consultation or it can even be the waiting area.

                                                           Cashier and Multi-Purpose Area

The multi-purpose area is designed to be simple because there has been a lot of elements being put in the exhibition space. For the cashier area, it has curvy form with plants and model of dol-hareubang; statue that is famous in Jeju Island.

                                                                      Cashier and Display

The display of the products have information suspended from the ceiling for the visitors to briefly understand about the products. To store some of the products, the tube structure is designed to have drawers.

                                                                    Campaign Area

At the other side of the entrance or exit, small campaign area is provided. There, visitors can give back the bottle of Innisfree products that they have used up and get points. In the middle of 2 bottles structure, there is a display for the handkerchief.

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