Trung Le-Nguyen - 2020 Rookies

Trung Le-Nguyen - 2020 Rookies

Trung Le Nguyen
by trunglenguyen on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, I'm a second-year studying at CDW Studios / Flinders University. This is my first time entering the Rookie for this year. I hope to use this platform to track my progress over the following years.

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These studies were done in a limited time frame to force me to make precise decisions when painting, whether digital or traditional. My aim for doing the master studies was to find a more efficient process in painting digitally to later apply to my work.

1st row: 1-hour photo studies done in HeavyPaint. 2nd row: Gouache studies. 3rd and 4th row (except for the last 2) - 1-hour master studies.

Sci-Fi Crate

For this project, I modeled a cube in 3D-Coat into a sci-fi crate and then used Photoshop to add in the decals. In the last image, I used Illustrator to create the sci-fi UI for the presentation. 

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