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Micky's First Journey

Micky's First Journey

by mickywei15 on 25 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi I'm Micky. I very enjoyed the process of making this story. Currently, I am still facing different challenges and keep on self-improvement. Even though this is not perfect, however, this is the output and result of my all hard work and effort. I hope you can enjoy it.

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"Light and Shadow" is a group project which has been completely designed by our TableSalfProductions. This story carried out many characters, creatures, props, vehicles, and environments.  All the artworks illustrate here are part of my designs. The following is a synopsis of the story.

Light and Shadow阴阳伏魔传

TIANQIONG(天穹), an ancient continent from the east. There is a protective barrier formed by the late Onmyoji Shun Hua to separating ZHENPING Village (镇平村) from the attack by the demon from MOSHAJIE(魔煞界).

One day, Qiu ling who is a half-demon girl went through the protective barrier in the village when she was running away from the demon. A kind monk gave her shelter and took care of her. She never knew that she had brought chaos to the village. What would she do?

Xiang Fu Temple is the primary place in the story. An eminent monk has brought Qiu Ling to this temple for healing her wounds.

The monk called "Xuan Hong". He is the guardian of Zhenping Village who has maintained the protective barrier and gives protection to the villagers in the village.

Hu Lu is a Candymaker. He is selling Sugar-Coated Berry in the street of ZHENPING village.

This is Minion Demon from MOSHAJIE called "SI YAN".

This is Monk Xuan Hong 's buddha walking stick. The role of the Stick is for an exorcism and dispel the demon.

This is Sedan Chair called" Seng Qiao" used to carry Xuan Hong Monk.

The concept design below is the key scene of our story.

Matte Paintings

Previous projects and artworks.

I am grateful for everyone who has taken time to watch my project! I hope you guys enjoyed and continue the good work with me. Let's cheers together.

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