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Cloudberry Dragon

Cloudberry Dragon

Project created during my time in 3D Animation and Visual Effects program at Vancouver Film School. It allowed me to further develop my skills in 3D Modeling, Texturing, Surfacing and Look Development, while pushing myself to pursue an area new to me.

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Cloudberry Dragon

This little guy was born during my time in Vancouver Film School. Creating the Cloudberry Dragon allowed me to push further my skills in what I enjoy doing the most: Texturing, Shading and Look Development, while going through every step of the pipeline, from 3D modeling to lighting and  comp. It has been one of the most challenging but rewarding works I've done so far and I learnt a lot in the process.

The dragon is based on one of the beautiful artworks of concept artist Alexandra GaudiBuendia Khitrova. It was a really tough challenge to translate the concept into a complete new medium while trying to interpret the forms and general feel… it required a bunch of iterations, feedback, trial and error! 

Collab! While I was extremely happy when I rendered the final still image for the first time, it doesn't compare to what I felt when seeing the project come to life, thanks to the incredible work of my talented friends: Kenneth Kusuma (rigging),  Mario Miozzo (animation) and Harshita Maheshwari (water simulations).  Here's the final result!:

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