Rigging and animation - Virginie Pellet

Rigging and animation - Virginie Pellet

Virginie Pellet
by virginiepellet on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm proud to present my rigging and animations works of 2019-2020 ! I hope you enjoy them.

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Salamander rig 

Auto rig in progress

Have a glimse at the auto-rig and scripted tools I have been working on this year. I used the salamander I modeled last year to test them.


The Present : Acting exercise.

Savings ? : Team exercise, audio from the movie Klaus (2019). The aim of this project was to recreate a new scene from the dialogue of the movie and collaborate with a classmate. I worked with Anne-Lise Darcis.

Balto : Quadruped animaton.

Opening credits

For graduation movie Vous Ne m'Oublierez Pas ( "You won't forget me") by the student of Cinecreatis (Lyon, France).

I had the chance to participate in a collaborative project with the students from Cinecreatis (live cinema school). The aim was to create the opening credit of their short movie and blend CGI with live-shooting. This was an amazing opportunity to see a shooting in front of a green screen and work with people from different fields.
The movie is a political comedy about Jean-Marc Landré, ex-minister, now mayor of a small city, that tries one last time to get back in the spotlight. Our opening credits where supposed to show his megalomaniac personnality though because of the quarantine, the team couldn't shoot the movie so they are currently re-writing the projec to be able to shoot it safely. 

Here is a link to the crowdfunding of their project, unfortunately, it's in french.

Dance sequence 

In this project, I was in charge of rigging the body of the CGI character as well as the animation in the dance sequence. I also animated the trumpet and multiplicated it with MASH. For the jacket, I did a mix of skinning and cloth simulation in blender. 

Modelisation : Lucie Dias Da Costa (character)  and Marine Guarnaccia( trumpets).

Some final images of the dance sequence rendered by Marine Guarnaccia :

Hausmann rigging and animation

In this project, also rigged and animated the Hausmann buildings. It was particularily interesting because we decided to model them as separate floors that we could then put together to form a building, much like legos. In order to do this, I developped a tool scripted in python, which was a lot of fun!

Modelisation : Marine Guarnaccia

Pantheon rigging and animation

I also rigged and animated 3 monuments, here is the Pantheon, my favourite.

Modelisation : Lucie Dias Da Costa.

Some final images of the city sequence rendered by Lucie Dias da Costa :

To sum up :

My role in this project : character body rigging, rigging and animation of monuments and hausmanns (+ tool), final layouts and camera animation, jacket simulation, editing.

My amazing CGI teammates :

Lynn Dabbous : Facial rigging, monuments and metro rigging and animation, character animation in the city sequence, rough layout.

Marine Guarnaccia : Modeling, texturing, lookdev, lighting, rendering, compositing, keying and integration of the live sequence in the CGI environnement.

Lucie Dias Da Costa : Modeling and texturing of the character, texturing, lookdev, lighting, rendering, compositing.

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