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A Various Collection of my University Studies

A Various Collection of my University Studies

Brady Green
by bradyg94 on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These projects, I believe, are some of the best I've created during my time at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. I'm currently in my third and final year and I've been grateful to be able to study my passions, and I hope that it shows through my work. I'm super eager and excited for future projects!

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I collaborated on this model with a fellow student for a VFX project for University. The parts I worked on were the main ship body modeling, and the full UV-ing and texturing - whilst my teammate worked on modelling the engines, front tank, front lights, and some various other parts.

For my part, I used Maya to do the UV-ing and created the texturing using Substance Painter. 

I sculpted this in late 2019 to learn some skills and techniques within using ZBrush. I was quite happy with how the model turned out in the end and I learned some solid fundamentals while creating it! I look forward to using those skills in future projects.

I rendered out the turntable and HD images in Maya using Arnold.

I created this scene because I thought the aesthetic of the throne was just a great concept going back to the early concept sketches of Ralph McQuarrie. I base modelled the scene in Maya, then sculpted the high poly models in ZBrush, before bringing it back into Maya to render. Finally, I composited the scene in After Effects, adding in the clouds, lightning, and sound.

The second video is a short breakdown of the scene and final composite.

This project was recently created for a project brief titled "Rocket to the Moon" for an animation course at University. I had a lot of fun making this and I learned a lot about a few different areas of the VFX pipeline. I was also excited to implement the skills I had learnt in the past two years of my studies.

I modelled and animated the scene in Maya - using the extensive library of Quixel Megascans to layout the environment in the opening shots and also to create the asteroid field. The asteroid field was made by using Maya's MASH system to instance the asteroid geometry and save the scene from getting too heavy. I rendered out the project using Arnold, before bringing the frames into After Effects to composite - utilising the different AOV's that I had exported within the EXR files (e.g. ambient occlusion).

I modeled this X-Wing as revision to see how my hard surface modelling skills had improved over the past year or so. I conveniently also had the animation project "Rocket to the Moon" to work on, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do it!

I created this small sequence because I wanted to test my skills in previs animation and see what the process of doing that involved. It's a pretty simple scene but I learned a few skills to take forward into other projects and to add to my forever-growing skill set :)

The scene was created in Maya and rendered using Arnold.

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