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Modeling project and shading inspired by a concept art of Fabien Mense.

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Carlo&Jean-Luc is a personal project of creating a 3d character designed for a cartoon movie or series. For the project I have modeled, textured and illuminated these two characters. The original design is by illustrator Fabien Mense ( or @fabienmense on Instagram ).

The characters in an action pose, where I have tried to show their group spirit, their interpersonal relationship while showing a small portion of the world in which their adventures live their adventures.
Carlo in his personal pose.


Concept art by the artist Fabien Mense that I have used as a reference to create this project.


In this section I show various views of the characters in a T-pose, intended for the production process of a studio while also showing their animation tights.




Carlo & Jean-Luc's Uvs are distributed in 3 Udims for each character, the resolution of each Udims is 4k, the maps used are those of Base color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal and Scattering.


When I embarked on the adventure of transferring Fabien's illustrations to the world of animation, I did so with the conviction that the characters just seeing them once would give the feeling of being able to tell you many funny stories that made me travel to my childhood. The process of creation I thought a lot about how I would have to work the pens of Jean Luc, I could not find a way to make them that fit the aesthetics, the appearance of the character and who knew how to create them with my abilities, finally I opted for the most classic system, but the feathers in the end were only a step, one more step on the long road, a road that never ceases to amaze me day by day.

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