by amandayau on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

“Toby” is an immersive 360° motion short story to spread a positive message to the ones struggling with Psoriasis, an uncommon autoimmune disease. To serve as a reminder to love and embrace themselves despite their appearance. While raising awareness of what Psoriasis is in general.

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The story is about a psoriasis fighter named Toby. He wants nothing more than to make friends, but he is too afraid of how others may think of him. In the story, Toby embarks on the journey to embrace his body and gains the confidence to make friends with others. To his surprise, people are more than willing to accept him than he thought.


As the sole designer working on this project, it took about 5 months from idea, visual development to the outcome. I took special care on the story and the script narration to be easily understood by people of young age as well as the environment design, by incorporating child-like elements to bring out a charming delight. The animations are mainly inspired by childhood cartoon expressions that can be easily executed without much knowledge with rigging.

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