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Mulan Fanart - 2019

Mulan Fanart - 2019

Ana Filipa Cruz
by cr0ssing on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello there! I'm Filipa Cruz, a Junior 3D Artist, and here are the images I produced for my Mulan Fanart project while studying at Odd School. All feedback is welcome! Enjoy! Both original concepts that inspired my work belong to Disney.

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This environment was inspired by a concept art piece created for  Disney's 1998 Classic Mulan.

I chose to reproduce fanart of this movie since it's one of my childhood favorites.  Mulan was such a fierce and brave character who inspired me to do more than what others, and sometimes even myself thought I was capable of.

There are some significant changes from the original concept, which reflect my research and personal taste, in order to mix a realistic look with the cute and whimsical Disney mood I appreciate so much.

I chose to do this image, not only because it marks a key moment in the movie, but also because it's "just" one image and it's capable of evoking so many different thoughts and feelings!

My personal touch to this image was making it as if she were coming back home, in order to give a more worn look to her garments and armor.

The process to produce it was very challenging and fun, since I had to learn all the skills almost from scratch, which would have never been possible without the help of my amazing teachers, colleagues and friends.

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