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David Stenbrink - 3D Generalist

David Stenbrink - 3D Generalist

David Jonathan Stenbrink
by davethesculptor on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These some of my best personal works that I've completed through out the last year or so. I hope you can find something of value here, enjoy!

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This is Rogelio the Rat, he spends his time doing pretty normal rat stuff. He lives in the walls by day and scavenges food and resources in the house and yard by night.

Rogelio is usually pretty careful and methodical in his approach to Scavenging but has become more reckless recently. The owner of this house is at the end of his rope and the other shoe is about to drop. He's bought enough mousetraps to stop the bubonic plague and has set the bait as best as he could. It's an obvious trap, but Rogelio is a bit of a rebel and it's not about the the cheese, it's about sending a message.

The inspiration for this project came from old movies and stories like Secret of Nimh, Basil mouse detective,  Arrietty, and a few others. All those movies deal with the theme of having a world in a world. They made us feel like if we just stopped and listened for a second we could discover another secret society just as real as our own. That's what I wanted to achieve with this project, to give you a little slice of a secret world and perhaps of a bigger story. 

I tried to stick to a pretty plain color palette for the environment since Rogelio uses a lot of grays and browns and other plain colors that can easily be overshadowed.

I modeled furniture with designs dating back a couple of decades to make the environment feel more lived in and timeless. Most assets are pretty plain basic furniture of their type but they ended up working pretty nicely as a whole.

This is Cedric. I think of this Project a little bit like an artistic cocoon. I was a interning at a studio in Stockholm when i started working on it in my free time. So every other morning i would arrive at my job with fresh WIP pictures to show the Lead modeler and get feedback on. Then I'd go home and spend all my free time working on it. I'm pretty sure my skills doubled during this project.

The character is based of a concept By Andrius Matijosius. The environment was inspired by artists like John Bauer and Johan Egerkrans.

Are you even an artist if you haven't done your own take on Hellboy? This project was just about me wanting to do a portrait sculpt whilst also avoiding the trap of trying to do a likeness sculpt without the experience needed for that kind of project. 

I did base the general sculpt on Willem Dafoe Though, stealing some features and wrinkles here and there, the man just has an interesting looking face.

This project is almost 2 years old at this point, But the colors and comp are still pretty solid. If you do something right it lives on. 

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