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Bavo Mispelaere - Portfolio - Game Dev & Concept Art Entry

Bavo Mispelaere - Portfolio - Game Dev & Concept Art Entry

by bavomispelaere on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I've finally put together my works into this portfolio! In here you can find my works related to Game Development and Concept Art.

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Game Development Entry

Realtime Wall-E

(Actually still a WIP texture-wise, especially the tires and the back of the body need some more love)

Sketchfab link

Monster Hunters' Rathian

Based on the cute designs of Alexandre Zedig Diboine.

Sculpt + concept

Sketchfab link

Environment for a game I made in school, 'While They Lay Asleep", where you play as a teddybear trying to protect the sleeping girl from dark monsters trying to crawl underneath her bed.

Some atmosphere shots below:


A dwarf I am currently working on, based on a drawing of Baldi Konjin. The goal is to finish him as a real-time model, create the mole he is riding on the concept as well and put them together in a cute little ue4 scene.

Finished Asset

Personal project I started but haven't found the time to finish yet. Based on one of my own sketches 

Concept Art Entry

Smirky Kirk, the space froggo!

Kirk's concept phase

The goal was to create a historically accurate wild west character, trying to show as much story elements as possible in the design.

The goal was to create a historically accurate pirate character, trying to explore a vast variety of types of pirates. We had to use pictures of ourselves as reference for the body/face.

Concept sketches

Recently started to get into more of a dark concept kind of mood. Been exploring with horror a bit and planning on making a little series of concepts like this.

Other random sketches/drawings/studies

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