Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Ng Jia Hui
by lovelleng on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I'm Jia Hui and I'm a fresh Graduate from The One Academy. Here are my works throughout the course I've been taking. Hope you'll enjoy.

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 Serpent of the Sky

A group project I have taken part in concept art development during my course in The One Academy. It was a story about how the friendship of a Nordic princess and a dragon restores the peace in mother nature through hardships and loss her loved ones. While the cruel world before them was cold and fueled with rage and war, Princess Freyja and he only friend, Eineral the dragon in the end sacrifices themselves to restore the damages mankind has caused around the world.

The Castle of Svellheimer

I was tasked to create the concept art of Svellheimer Castle's exterior. In the Story, the Kingdom would have an annual Fire Ritual for the Fire god's blessing. The biome of the kingdom's surroundings has been affected and turned inhabitable due to mankind's selfish wars and Dragon Hunting. We wanted to portray the scenery to be cold and unkind, unwelcoming almost. At first, I want it to be located at the top of the hills to show it's coldness, but figured in between the mountains would feel more desolate.

Freyja Grimwaldsson

Freyja was the main character of the story. We wanted her to be portrayed as the kind, passive and weak girl in the story in contrasts to everyone else's cruel nature. We at first started out with lots of pieces of jewellery, but later considered her personality was not the type to flaunt her wealth.  We gave her a simple dress in the end and majorly in green colour theme to match her closeness in nature. It would be easier for her to travel around too as she seeks out to her friend, Eineral which is a Dragon that resides in the forest.

Process of Creating Freyja

Freyja when she was young, we gave her a plain dress to show she wasn't favoured in her kingdom. I added a slight gloom to her expression as in the story she was unloved by her only father.

Nirsie, The Mother Dragon

When Freyja was young, she escaped from the kingdom from an argument with her father. With nowhere to be, she darted towards the forest and fell off a cliff without noticing there was one. Nirsie however, saved her from the fall and entrusted her with her Dragon egg. Forging a bond between Freyja and the unhatched Eineral before Nirsie passed on due to her weak body.

I used techniques of photo bashing for the realistic feathers and horns and some paint overs to show its character, the direction of fur around the head as well.

We gave her green fur with a mixture of white feathers, and a red, long,  feathered tail as well. In the story, the species of dragon exists to keep the biome warm as they generate a sufficient amount of heat in nature. But as mankind begins to slaughter them one by one during the dragon human war, Nirsie managed to escape an hid under a huge dark cliff where no one else is able to discover her. The green in her fur is to show her hidden ability to give life and the red to show she could breathe fire as well.

Dragon Pillary

Dragon Pillary where the soldiers used to lock the dragon's neck down, it is attached to a wagon to bring the dragon back to the kingdom and it would be used to execute the dragon by cutting their heads down as well.

The warm afternoon before the storm

In the story, the Kingdom was preparing for the annual Fire-god Ritual but the princess was nowhere to be seen. In moments of furious, the King orders his Henchman to seize the location of the princess by following her, causing the existence of Eineral; The last Dragon to exists, known by the kingdom. The Henchman was kneeling by the corner as Freyja was having fun with her only friend basking in the warm sunset, little do they know that chaos will ensue.

The End and Rebirth

As the story comes to an end, Eineral and Freyja became one as their soul merges. The seal of fate between them since the beginning has granted them the ability to turn into a dragon that is able to restore the Destruction mankind has caused in the ecosystem. Details of grass growing underneath the Dragon to show the ability to heal the nature and animals are surrounding as warmth was brought back to the ecosystem.

Their wings spread and gave a final roar as light rays pierce through the thick winter clouds onto them. Animals returned and greens restored wherever the Dragon flew by. Hope, Life and Rebirth were brought back as the dragon soared into the sky, and legend says it is still out there, within the forest to protect the life it has given to nature.

Serpent of the Sky (Poster)

The poster art  I have done for this group project. It focuses a scene in the story where Joergene was telling Freyja her plan to eventually rule over the kingdom and another scene where both Freyja and Eineral has granted the ability to rebirth into one.

Designing Valkyries

These two was designed during one of my photo bashing lessons, I have designed them as Valkyries but under the influence of roman armour designs.

The Friendly , Furry Giant.

A holy creature that exists in the same world as the Valkyries, it is said it'll bestow its blessing onto the warriors before they fought and immense power will be granted to them if they fought for the goodness of mankind and the world.

Matte Paintings

The dark market alley.

As cities developed at vast speed and people who make a living from their little market failing to catch up, they resorted to wildlife trafficking in order to gain more attraction and more customers. Boxes of aquarium storing unknown creatures being displayed on the streets, being sold as delicacies where people could buy easily.

Techniques I used: I want to show this street to be in darkness so other than photo bashing, I paint over with dark colours to show the atmosphere more. The Illustration overall has a green and yellow-tinted lights glowing from the stalls with an unfriendly atmosphere and with I Painted over some steams being released as the stalls cooked their food.

Signs of Life and Faith

The second matte painting I have done. I was inspired by how interesting nature could be constructed either by it's own, the vibration from the earth or weather.

I wanted to show that this was a passageway where I was formed by the constant destruction of a river where then monks would use to deliver by using a boat on the river, they would sometimes pray to the statue they build to have the god's blessing on their journey too.

Test of Faith

It was my first time incorporating blender, a 3D software in environment design. It has helped tremendously to achieve realism and I added the textures of the wall painting in photoshop.

 Journey of the Flower

 A stylized concept design where it features a florist named Gan and a Saiga named Yuanzi. They are on a journey in the other world where Yuanzi is to be reunited with her herd and Gan back to her real world

Personal Work and Portraits

These are a few portraits I have done throughout the years while mastering the skills to paint using a digital medium. I believe have more to learn in various terms and these are my artworks where I try to explore my skills in.

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