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student work

student work

mathilda westlund
by wathilda on 28 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here you have some of my images that I've done during my soon to be 2 years. Hope you like them!

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my favorite thing about using 3d tools is watching an idea becoming volumes! when I work I look at the colors and shapes. in my opinion it's not that important for an image to be photorealistic, but for people/clients to see the vision and possibilities.


preview - render - moodboard

one of my first render ever! 

3ds max, corona & photoshop


1. the assignment was to model a known swedish building with autocad drawings. deadline - 3 days.  

2. just did a quick background for my website with more colors!

3ds max, corona & photoshop


3ds max & after effects

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