Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

by camerond on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

On an ominous night out on the sea, a ghost ship appears and wreaks havoc on a nearby merchant ship. Final Project for Visual Effects CSC 430 at UNC Wilmington. Solo project.

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Being a one man project, I didn't have time to design and animate sailors for the boats, so I decided to lean into it and make it a "ghost ship" so that the deck can be shown empty, which also gave it an eerie feel.

Rendering using Blender's real time renderer, Eevee, made production incredibly faster compared to past projects working with Maya and Arnold. 

Early version of cannon fire vs. final draft. Getting the fire to look right was the hardest part of this project and took me awhile to get down. This was made using Blender's recently added Mantaflow fluid system. 

I wanted it to be green to be similar to the green lightning and have that be a part of what shows that it is a "ghost ship".

Early Test Renders

I had a great time working on this project and it's definitely the most ambitious 3D short I've done. I hope to continue making more in the future!

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