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Lander Van Regenmortel // Portfolio

Lander Van Regenmortel // Portfolio

Hi, welcome to my Rookie Awards 2020 entry. Here is a collection of projects I've made over the year. My main focus is hard surface modeling and lighting. I'm an avid Blender user and all the projects in this entry have been primarily made using Blender. All the final results you see here are rendered in Unreal Engine.

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Modular sci-fi level: Mining Colony

Visually and in terms of workflow I took a lot of inspiration from Star Citizen for this specific project. There are no unique materials made specifically for just one mesh, I created materials that would work well on various modular assets regardless of their shape. Everything in this project was done solely by myself, from the initial blockouts until the final result with audio and lighting. The goal was to create an as visually pleasing and polished result as fast as I could.

The idea behind this level is that it's a gas mining facility owned by a huge Chinese corporation. The generators in this section of the facility broke down and you are the rookie-repairman that got sent down to take a look and get them running again.

Below are some screenshots, a trailer, a walkthrough, and an overview of all the modular assets.

Hard surface PBR assets

Below is a collection of PBR assets I have made: A Chicago Machine Tools drill press, an Ibanez sa240fm electric guitar and a concept of a fuel pump from Halo made by Albert Ng.

Sculpted stylized PBR assets 

Multiple plague doctor inspired assets. You can find Sketchfab previews for all of the following assets in this collection on my Sketchfab account.

Stylized Character

This character is from a concept of the game flotsam.

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