3D animator - projects from 2019

3D animator - projects from 2019

by markzerop on 3 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

These are all the projects I have worked on since the 21st of January 2019

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Below you can find all the projects ive worked on in the past 2 months. But before that, I'd like to share a little information about myself. 

My Name's Mark and I'm an animation student at Edinburgh college of arts, about to start my final year of the Ba (Hons). My course isn't exactly the most dedicated for 3d work and I'm one of perhaps 2 students to be taking that path but I do enjoy it immensely. I actually tend to enjoy the modelling and rigging of my films the most, I like building the characters and props up from my initial sketches, testing movement mechanics and developing them into fully fledged beings. I've found that by working this way, designing, modelling, rigging and animating my characters myself I have a much better understanding of their abilities and how far I can push them. It also allows me a better understanding of the entire workflow, from concept to post production. I'm also quite unusual in that I have really enjoyed short projects with tight deadlines, working with time constraints and limitations with projects allows for creative problem solving and quick thinking. My films have to be firstly: achievable to create with one person, they have to be rendered with short timeframes and limited horsepower and most importantly, I have to be pushing my boundaries at all times: both in my abilities and my idea of what is possible. 

A short film about the metaphorical journey of depression. This film was completed in 8 weeks alongside the other films displayed here.


This was a project as part of my animation course, to create 10 films in 10 days in 2019, with the only rule being that each film must be completed within a 24 hour period.

This two week period is the opportunity to experiment and push the weirdest and most wonderful ideas that seep into our minds from the deep dark places we pretend don’t exist. With open possibilities and incredibly tight deadlines, the project is designed to relieve us of our inhibitions and to be fast and loose with our work. 

Here's 4 of my favourite's from this year

The 5th day was “Ray Day” an opportunity to create work in response to Ray Harryhausen’s stopframe legacy in works such as Jason and the Argonauts, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and Clash of the Titans.

For this day I wanted to capture some of the essence from Harryhausens work and bring that into my own. 

It was the first time I had ever tried to incorporate live footage into my animations before, bringing the skeletons to the town of Edinburgh, although I did get some very strange looks as I filmed myself walking backwards away from the then invisible horde. 

I didn't model or rig the skeletons for this one, to do this in the 24 hour period was just too much for me to do along with film the live actions and animate them. 

The final day of the project was a theme given by a Columbian animator called Carlos Santa, who has a fascination with the abstraction of times and the nature of cycles. I had modelled this little robot inspired from the Video Game Nier: automata and he had appeared in a couple of my 10x10 shorts. As such, it seemed fitting at the end to show the little guy one last time, being assembled, although I had wanted to reverse the video and have him being forcefully disassembled and put 'back in the box', unfortunately people had grown too attached to him for this...

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