Matthias Schmitz | Portfolio

Matthias Schmitz | Portfolio

Matthias Schmitz
by ripred on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are some of my favourite projects that I made during this and last year. Most of them are assignments for the Digital Arts and Entertainment school.

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HK G28

This G28 was a personal project of mine. Since I love hard surface modelling and PBR texturing I wanted to improve on those skills and this weapon was a perfect exercise for that. I modelled the gun in 3ds Max and ZBrush using the proboolean / dynamesh workflow. For the lowpoly and unwrap I also used 3ds Max. I textured the gun in Substance Painter and rendered it in UE4.

Some reference that I used during the modelling and texturing process. The G28 is a german marksman rifle.


The following project was made for an assignment for the Game Asset Pipeline course at the DAE. The goal was to translate the concept into a 3d model. The concept is made by Sheng Lam.

I made the Highpoly, Lowpoly and Unwrap in 3ds Max, texturing in Substance Painter and rendering in UE4.

That is the concept by Sheng Lam. You can find it on Artstation.

Ascaso Coffee Machine

I created this coffee machine also as an assignment for the Game Asset Pipeline course. It was one of my first PBR models that I ever made.

Like the previous project I used 3ds Max for the highpoly, lowpoly and unwrap; Substance Painter for the textures and UE4 for the renders.

Some of the reference that I used for that project. It is based on a real exisiting coffee machine.

Ruin Environment

I made the following environment as an assignment for the Level Decoration course at the DAE. For most of the parts I used Quixel megascans and some trees from Speedtree. For the ground material I followed a Substance Designer tutorial since it was the first material that I ever made in Substance Designer.

The material that I made for the ground, following a tutorial.

Some of the reference that I used for that assignment.

Thank you for going through my entire entry for the Rookie Awards 2020. I hope you liked my projects!

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