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Antoine Mathieu des GAVROCHES
by Anthony D'Amario, Antoine M des Gavroches, Fabian Crousillac, Fabian Nowak, Gabriel Kerlidou, Julian Dropsit, Julian Giard, Julien Tassan, New3Dge, Noëlie Girard, Solène Juignet, Yann Meessen, and antoinedesgavroches on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A Strange Spaceship comes to destroy San Francisco city, What will happen Next ?!

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Round of applause for our sponsors

Hi everybody we are proud to present you our first short film.  This 3 month group project was made by six students from New3dge Paris. Enjoy !

Antoine M. Des Gavroches : [email protected]

Yann Meessen : [email protected]

Noëlie Girard : [email protected]

Solène Juignet : [email protected]

Julien Giard : [email protected]

Julien Tassan : [email protected]

We had three months, starting from scratch to execute the whole Project, Thanks to the entire crew of New3Dge for their support and for giving us the opportunity to make it real.

Thanks to Julian Dropsit,  Fabian Nowak , and Gabriel Kerlidou for their Knowledge.  Thanks to Anthony D'Amario et Fabien Crousillac for the Sound Work.

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