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Celina Serrao
by Abigail Makoto Wilson, Anna-Maria Manners, Grace Parker, Kyungdae Josh Min, Tobias Trangmar, and celinaserrao on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Mystics is a short 2D animated film for my final year film. The movie stars a child called Jacob who mourns over his dead bird until a single star in the sky shines brightly upon him, soon revealing to be a mysterious power. Jacob is revealed to be a Mystic, who are seen as horrifying and aggressive creatures.

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Tobias Trangmar aided me some criticism and examples with the first part of my storyboard, assisting me with the perspective of some shots.  

Music by Kyungdae Josh Min

Freelance Storyboard Artist - 
Tobias Trangmar

Freelance Colourist - 
Abigail Makoto Wilson

Freelance Background Artists - 
Grace Parker, 
Anna-Maria Manners 

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