Modeling and Surfacing Demo Reel: Vihang Tambde

Modeling and Surfacing Demo Reel: Vihang Tambde

Vihang Tambde
by vihang on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi I'm Vihang Tambde, graduated from Vancouver Film School and currently studing in Langara Center of Entertainment Art. This is the compilation of the work I have done this year. Hope you like it.

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Theft is an action freeze film depicting a typical Indian kitchen where is wrecked by mischievous monkeys trying to steal food. The lady of the house is trying to shoo them away but the monkeys in return tease her and annoy her. The whole idea of the project came from my personal experience and I wanted to portray the same in an anesthetic way. In this project I experimented with both hard surface and organic modeling and texturing. I hope you enjoy the craziness and absolute havoc in the film.

Concept Art: Priyanka Natarajan

Rigging: Diksha Gupta

Lighting & Compositing: Beril Basak Tukac

Compositing: Gabrielle You



Soldier from World War II

This is a character that I worked on in a group project called "Mutation". This film is a fusion of World War II and Sci-fi.

Film Director: Alvaro Romero

Concept Art: Katrina Chiu and Sidney Yang

Rigging: Sidney Yang


This project is done from a concept art by Sergio Mancinelli. It was my first time doing rigging.

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