My second year at YRGO

My second year at YRGO

Amanda Fredholm
by afredholm on 21 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These pictures shown are some of the work I have done during my second year at Yrgo; a Higher Vocational Education Academy in Gothenburg.

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Hello Everyone! 

My name is Amanda Fredholm, and I am currently studying my second year of Architectural Visualization at YRGO; a Higher Vocational Education Academy in Gothenburg. 

This Interior project is something I did during my spare time at home after school. I wanted to do something Scandinavian themed, and these two pictures is the result of that. 

The programs used are: 3dsMax, Corona and Photoshop

This Exterior project is something I did during my internship at A-hus. They wanted me to visualize a couple of different houses but with the same environment scene, because they wanted it to go as fast as possible. I started with creating a generic environment scene as possible. And to make it seem as different locations, despite using the same environment scene, I changed some assets and camera location. 

The time limit for me was to create 13 different visualizations with a time span of  1,5months. And these pictures are 3 of these 13 visualizations. 

Programs used: 3dsMax, Corona, Forestpack, Photoshop. 

The house models provided to me from A-hus, created in ArchiCad.  

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