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Victorine L'ECU - FX TD graduation Demoreel

Victorine L'ECU - FX TD graduation Demoreel

by vlecu on 21 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is my demoreel 2019, with some project I did during my graduation year at Artfx.

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I worked as FX TD on 3 graduated Films : Sayonara Mr Mappleton & Line 21,
The Biggest part of my work was on Sayonara.
I really enjoyed working on this project because they had a strong artistic direction.
The biggest challenge with sayonara was to build the mood of the here after world. But after many tests using stock shot and different ink set up like ink drop in water or ink spreading on paper it didn’t do the trick.
So I had to create an ink setup using vex that match their artistic direction which was a mix of ink motions.

Here is a personal project I did during the lockdown.

I tried to play around FLIP simulation in Houdini.
I did the all aspect except the 3D sculpt, 
Everything is done in Houdini mantra and Nuke for compositing.

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