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Tanja Sauer_Demo Reel 2020

Tanja Sauer_Demo Reel 2020

Tanja Sauer
by tanjasauer on 24 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey everyone, my name is Tanja and I studied 3D Animation and visual Effects for 15 months at PIXL VISN media arts academy. My Focus: Environments. I'm showing 4 projects, three of them were created during the last 6 months at Pixl Visn.

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I started my Demo Reel with an Combinatinion from a concept by Eddie Mendoza (for the perspectiveand the idea of the bridge) and the Movie "into the spiderverse" ( colors, style).  For the Glitch effect I used Adobe After Effects. 

The biggest challenge for me was the street. I wanted to make puddles cause I had the Idea of a city by night in the rain. I probably changed the street like 30 times over the weeks I worked on this project. The right amount of  puddles, with the size and everything, was hard for me to figure out.


My biggest Demo Reel Project is my own interior Design of a luxury Hotel Lobby. Inspired by the Art Deco style and "The Great Gatsby" 

The biggest challenge here was the gold everywhere. When I did my first test renders it was flickering like a glitter bomb but eventually after a some changes it got better. 

After my first and second project ( both huge environments) I defenetly learnt a lot out of my mistakes and a lot about render and time managment in jeneral.


For my third Demo Project I wanted to pick something that can be done quickly.

I love winter and used a whole day on research about the materials and the amount of time I would need for doing a mountain/winter landscape. The modeling was done in a few days with retopo of the mountain and UV unwrapping. Biggest challenge for me in this project was the water and the snow ( flickering in the renders). I textured the mountain in substance painter and the snow and the ice water were done procedual in Maya. Some rocks and plants are Quixel Megascans.

The whole project with fixes, render and the final compositing in nuke was done in around 2-3 weeks.

After my Graduation I started collecting more ideas for smaller projects.


For my first project after Pixl Visn I decided to make a watch. 

The biggest challenge here: finding the perfect reference! for some parts of this watch I couldn't find the matching reference

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