A co-op stealth game in which you incarnate aliens invading a highly classified government facility.

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Hivemind! A 4 player stealth co-op experience.

Play as 4 aliens trying to infiltrate a military facility looking for parts to repair your UFO. Stick together and find your way through the level, avoiding being spot by guards. 

To play our game yourself (4 controllers  required), go to our page!

If you want to see our weekly progress on how we made this game, be sure to check out our devlog.


Healing mechanic: when a player gets downed/injured, drag the powersource over the player's character to revive/replenish health.

Combat: One person claims the charge and gets to aim the power source, the other 3 players then have to power the powersource by tapping RB.

Probing: When you're lost in the level or have no idea where the next part could be, stand still for 2 seconds and the power source will point towards the nearest pick-up.

Part Collected: Drag the power source over the pick-up to collect them. Downed players will automatically get revived.

Character movement: The way you can move is restricted to the powersource. If you want to move through the level you'll have to communicate and work together.

Our Characters!

Alien (playable character)

Soldier (enemy)

Asset Breakdown

Some environment shots

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