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Effects portfolio

Effects portfolio

by harirodriguez on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here you can watch my projects as a FX student. There are fluid, fire, smoke, particles and destruction simulations.

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Hello everyone,
these are some of the projects I have done since I started learning Houdini in december.
I am always trying to learn so feedback is welcome!

The first project I want to show you is my latest work and the first breakdown that I do.

It is a submarine emerging from an ocean. 

I am responsible of the water, white water and ocean simulation, the animation of the submarine, lighting and render. Not responsible of the submarine model. 

Here you can watch a water simulation of a beach I did recently. 

Fire simulation made with pyro in houdini.
Responsible of the simulation and the shader. 

The video bellow is the first particle disintegration and one of my firsts project in 3D.
Model and animation by mixamo.

This time the model becomes smoke and gets disappeared.
Model and animation by mixamo.

I am responsible of all the simulations, but not of the modelling and sounds.

You can find the  authorship of the music in the description of each vimeo link.

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